Evening of World-Class Music


Hearts for Tondo came about as the Holy Spirit brought together Dr. Nové Deypalan and Deacon Steve Greco who share a common love of the people of the Philippines. They recognize the incredible needs of the people of Tondo, a destitute neighborhood in Manila, and believe they can make a positive impact on the people of Tondo’s San Pablo Apostol Catholic Parish.

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Dr. Deypalan and Deacon Steve Greco are launching Hearts for Tondo, a gala fundraising concert, on Sunday, April 19, 2020, at 7 p.m. at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.  Dr. Deypalan is an award-winning conductor and will lead a full orchestra and chorus, along with guest artists, for a night of music that promises to inspire and touch the soul. Please help promote and support the concert. With your help, God's miracles will flow. His heart, combined with your heart, will transform the lives and hearts of those in Tondo.   God bless you now and forever!  Thank you for your yes!


Meet the conductor

Dr. Deypalan is a credentialed educator, prolific conductor, published composer, effective clinician, and visionary leader.

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finish building a church for God’s glory

Hearts for Tondo will fund the completion of San Pablo Apostol Parish, which will not only benefit Tondo residents spiritually, but will serve as a headquarters to relieve the material needs of the community as well.